Tegan and Garth developed their synergistic approach in their first clinic, Awakening Health, in 2005. The goal of the clinic was to educate patients on the connection between the mind and the body. Tegan brought her understanding of Vibrational Medicine and Pranic Healing and married it with Garth’s chiropractic approach to offer patients a greater depth to their treatments. In the years since the establishment of Awakening, it has grown in reputation to be premier health clinic in Dubbo NSW, and the clinic of choice to over 12,000 patients.

Since this time, both Tegan and Garth have continued building on their education and experience, and now offer their services in an exciting, new and integrative way. Through her studies in yoga, Tegan became fascinated in how the various poses in asana help to bring old emotional and mental patterns into the conscious mind, usually through the expression of physical pain. Garth’s focus moved into Chinese Medicine, and the integration of Yin-Yang, 5 element and Meridian Theory into the diagnosis and treatment of physical conditions that have their origins in the mental and emotional processes. Although divergent in their areas of study, both Tegan and Garth saw how these ancient philosophies could meld together and combine with their current evidence-based chiropractic/massage approach to further deepen one’s understanding of why they are in the state they are in.

Their goal at Awakening Health Newcastle is to provide the very best space for you to truly understand and know yourself, from your physical body through to the more subtle elements of the emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Through a combination of massage, chiropractic, kinesiology, acupuncture, vibrational medicine and Aura-Soma®, they can help you discover the root of dysfunction that may be present within your being, all the while helping you to discover who you really are..

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